Coronavirus: Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested to extend the Nation’s Lockdown to control over COVID-19

States are requested to extend the lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic in a video conference to PM Narendra Modi. Coronavirus Pandemic already affected 7400 peoples and 239 deaths are recorded due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The chief ministers of Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, and UP are requested with other states that are facing troubles to handle the infections of a pandemic.

PM Narendra Modi seen with a partial scarf on his face while in a video conference. PM Modi also said that “I am available 24 by 7 and any chief minister can suggest me at any time”. The lockdown would end on Tuesday 15 March 2020.

The major points that are indicating the extension of lockdown in India are many. Yet, major points will be discussed as follows. Rather no official announcement is held for extension of lockdown.

  1. CM Arvind Kejriwal says, the extension of lockdown is required at the national level. There is no way to decide how long the lockdown will persist. Yet, we should avoid all kinds of transportations if the lockdown is eased.
  2. Punjab and Odisha already announced the extension in lockdown.
  3. Bihar Government also sends a letter to the Central Government. Says that he has no objection if the lockdown period is extended. However, they want permissions over rural constructions and flood relied works to continue.
  4. The health ministry also suggested extending the lockdown period while on video conference.
  5. Sources also say the lockdown may be extended with few changes. Essential services may open for local bodies.