Coronavirus in India: On 14 April 2020, PM Modi announced the extension of lockdown in India. PM extends the lockdown till 3 May 2020. Yet 20 April 14, 2020, is the date to give ease in lockdown in some states or districts after analysis of them.

First Lockdown announcement in India due to Coronavirus

In India, the first official announcement of the lockdown due to coronavirus is done on 24 March 2020. After a successful lockdown of 21 days, PM Modi today announces the extension in lockdown.

Lockdown is applied due to get the control over coronavirus transmissions. India gets the best results to control COVID-19. Despite of it, India facing a uniform slow increment in coronavirus cases. That’s why it is very necessary to extend the lockdown period in India.

PM Modi decided to increase the lockdown till 3rd may and announced today. It is requested to people, Keep patience and cooperate with the government of India.

Why Lockdown of India Extended

India has less number of coronavirus cases but increasing regularly. It is necessary to control over COVID-19 before opening the lockdown in India. Otherwise, It may affect a lot of people and community transmission can happen. That’s why It was necessary to extend the lockdown period to save people.

Why Lockdown of India is Necessary

India is a country of more than 130 Crore persons. The population density is higher than in all countries of the world. Big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc have the highest density of population here and there. That’s why it is easy to spread coronavirus in India if the country allowed to keep working during COVID-19. India can face a coronavirus blast greater than other countries faced it.

India have only hope and way of lockdown. If community transmission happens in any way, that can also make a serious problem for citizens and the government to control it.

Is lockdown can be stopped in India after 3 May.

May be or may not. India only allowed peoples to free until the control over coronavirus is achieved.

Good News is that PM Modi promised to peoples of India. That government of India will analyze all states and districts. After 20 April, PM Modi will allow some states or districts to ease in lockdown. Keep wait just till 20 April. I think it should be great news for districts or states those are less number of coronavirus outbreak or nill statistics of COVID-19.


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